• Empty nest.

    For us this may have been a bigger change than when we welcomed our first baby home. Oh, we longed for a quiet house and an evening of adult conversation – just the two of us.

    Yet, we have learned to invest into the next generation through wisdom, meaningful stories, and biblical teaching.


    Discover practical insights on how to live life to the fullest by sharing your experiences, offering guidance, and leaving a lasting legacy of faith. Join us in turning the empty nest into a season of purposeful mentorship and impactful Kingdom work.

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  • When considering a marriage partner, it's essential to look beyond superficial qualities and focus on deeper attributes like character, values, and shared goals. While it's natural to have a list of desired traits, be open to God's guidance, as His plans might differ from ours but ultimately lead to a more fulfilling relationship.

    Prioritize qualities that foster a strong, lasting bond, and trust that seeking wisdom through prayer will help you find the right match. Embrace the journey with faith and an open heart for a truly meaningful partnership.


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  • Getting married? Have you thought about pre-marital counseling? Here are 4 tips to help you maximize your pre-marital experience from the couple who helped prepare Chip and Joanna Gaines for marriage.

    As the wedding countdown begins for you, we hope marriage will be as rewarding and fulfilling for you as it has been for us.

    Before we dive in, we would want you to consider using a term the church has used for centuries – marriage preparation – instead of pre-marital counseling.

    Think of marriage prep more as educational not mental health/wellness. Additional individual or couple counseling may be needed to deal with past hurts or issues like anxiety, sexual abuse, depression or father wounds, but this requires a trained licensed professional.

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  • The jokes are rampant. The pressure causes misperception.

    What is crazy…

             The average age to marry in America is 28 for men and 26.5 for women.

    Studies have proven that marital satisfaction increases and the divorce rate decreases when husband and wife...   

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    Two of my children were married within six weeks. My youngest daughter’s wedding was first.

    Now more than ever, I believe one of the most overlooked segments of a wedding is the transfer of the bride from father to new husband.

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  • Discover the sobering truth behind the rising costs of weddings in the United States today. With expenses averaging between $33,000 to $35,000, modern couples face daunting financial pressures as they plan their dream day. From extravagant venues to personalized details driven by social media influence, the wedding industry demands a substantial investment. 

    However, Legacy Countdown offers more than just preparation for the big day. Rooted in Christian principles, our marriage preparation program equips couples with essential tools—like communication, conflict resolution, financial planning, emotional intimacy, and a foundation in Christ—to build a resilient and fulfilling partnership that lasts beyond the ceremony. 

    Prepare wisely with Legacy Countdown and embark on a journey of commitment and growth in marriage.


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  • 5 Things I Know About Being the Father of the Groom

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  • In our latest blog, we explore why taking responsibility for your spouse’s problems isn't healthy for your marriage. We are only responsible for our responses. Supporting your spouse without rescuing them from their unhealthy behaviors is key.


    Drawing from Galatians 6:2 and 6:5, we differentiate between life's heavy "boulders" and everyday "backpacks," emphasizing that everyone must carry their own load.


    This approach fosters personal accountability and true growth, preventing the cycle of unhealthy accommodations and promoting a balanced, healthier marriage.


    Keywords: healthy marriage, responsibility, Christian marriage advice, marriage boundaries, emotional burdens, personal accountability, unhealthy behaviors, marriage growth, relationship balance.

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  • Is your marriage frustrating or underwhelming? Are you finding it tough for the two of you to be on the same page?

    When most of us get stuck in our marriage, it oftentimes paralyzes us. It demands so much energy and effort. We find ourselves putting one foot in front of the other.  And unfortunately, our cultural mindset is to shut down, quit trying and find connection in other places.

    That is the beauty of marriage.  It creates a safe place for this to happen. It creates intimacy.

    Most guys, and even some women, cringe when we hear words like “vulnerable,” “share,” and “intimacy.”  Yet, we love the thought of “being real” and… 

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  • The greater the value of something the more it costs to protect it.  Congress budgets millions of dollars to protect the President of the United States.

    Your marriage is the most valuable relationship you have. What’s it worth to protect it?          

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  • Protecting your marriage from intruders is crucial for maintaining long-lasting intimacy and connection. Our guidance, inspired by *Boundaries* by Cloud and Townsend, offers practical strategies to help you stay vigilant against potential threats.


    Learn to set healthy boundaries, prioritize your spouse, and address underlying issues directly to keep your relationship strong. Let us help you build a deeper, more satisfying love that withstands the test of time.


    Keywords: protect marriage, engaged couples, marital intimacy, boundaries, deeper connection.

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