Should we get married?

You will just know whether or not to get married, most people say.

Come on. But how? 

How do you really know whether or not to take that step?

Finally, here is a pre-engagement book that asks the complex questions while steering clear of easy answers. Before Forever is designed to help you in your faith journey with God as you wrestle with the tough, inner questions behind one of the most soul-searching questions any of us ever asks in life:

When it’s time to decide whether or not to marry, how do we know that we know?

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Articles By Dr. Byron and Carla Weathersbee  

Do you have a list of criteria for choosing your marriage partner?

What if God’s list is different from yours?

You’ve found the perfect person to marry. All your dreams seem to be coming true… But are you struggling with that final commitment? 

Even though you’re “in love,” you can’t afford to ignore competent,

irresponsible, and dependent behavior in your potential mate. 

How to tell the difference between normal pre-marital jitters versus a genuine “red flag” that warns you’re on the wrong track.