Reverse Raffle

100 tickets sold - 3 drawings - 25 winners

Win lodging in Red River, Florida, Summers Mill Retreat Center, and much more!

Unlike a typical raffle, our Reverse Raffle will have 25 WINNERS left on the board! 

ONLY 100 Tickets sold -- high chance to WIN

  •       All prizes have a $100 minimum value
  •       Some have a $1,500+ value
  •       Some are priceless!

$100 per ticket

NOTE:  All proceeds go to support scholarships for our Countdown marriage preparation class for engaged couples.  


100 tickets. 3 drawings. Opportunity to buy in late. Last 25 standing win!

  • Unlike a typical raffle, in a Reverse Raffle if your ticket is drawn, you are out. Thus, the last 25 tickets left on the board at the end of the night win a prize.

  • 25 Gifts are available and 100 tickets sold.

  • Tickets will be drawn and removed twice on Friday evening. 

    • 8:05 pm – draw and remove 30 of the 100 Tickets on the board.

    • 9:25 pm – draw and remove 40 of the 70 remaining Tickets on the board.

  • At 9:30 pm, for those who have not purchased tickets or whose ticket was removed, 10 “new” tickets will go on sale for $200.  Available at the conference gift table Friday Night post-conference and Saturday morning pre-conference or until sold.

    • Thus, a maximum of 40 Tickets will be on the board.

  • On Saturday morning– the third and FINAL drawing – 15 Tickets will be drawn and eliminated, and the 25 winners will be announced on the video screens.

  • The 25 winners will select the prize they would like in numeric order, lowest to highest, and go immediately to the raffle station to select their gift. 

  • Winners select their gift at the break. Please have your options in mind so you can quickly make your selections.