This Can'tBe Happening

by Cindy Janecka

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, the first few hours, days and months can be frightening, discouraging and overwhelming for everyone whose lives are impacted.

You may be searching for hope in the face of your own cancer diagnosis or seeking to understand and help a friend or family member who has been stricken with this devastating disease. Having survived breast cancer herself, Cindy provides insights to this difficult journey and shares how she experienced the peace and hope that come only from God.

Just as cancer has become prevalent in our lives today, so has the need for this inspiring story and valuable resource for those with cancer and for those who love them.

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My Heart Hurts

My Heart Hurts: Finding Hope in Heartache by Cindy Janecka

The physical condition of heartache is real and can be agonizing. It is a deep, aching pain that cannot always be alleviated by friends, music, laughter, distraction, or even prayer.

The pain of heartache can occur when we experience the loss of a relationship or a loved one, when we feel betrayed, rejected or abandoned, or when devastation or disappointment descend upon our lives. When we experience such intense pain and sorrow, we often wonder if we will ever find our way out of the darkness that has overcome us.

In her book My Heart Hurts, Cindy shares how she found comfort and hope in God’s faithfulness, promises and unending grace.

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